What is WINDA?

WINDA is the Global Wind Organisations' database for training records. It is a global database where all records of GWO certified training that have been performed by a GWO certified Training Provider will be uploaded. 

Getting a WINDA ID and who can use it?

The WINDA ID is the unique personal identification number of individuals (Course Participants) that have registered for a profile as a Course Participant in WINDA. The WINDA ID is used by Training Providers to add records of training to the Course Participant's profile and by employers that want to look-up and verify the training status of the Course Participant.  You can get a WINDA ID by signing up for a Course Participant account in WINDA (See video under “Help” and “Course Participants”). Please note that only Course Participant accounts use WINDA ID's. Training Providers and Organisation accounts do not get a WINDA ID. The WINDA ID is a unique personal identifier and the profile associated with the WINDA ID belongs to the individual who signed up for it. This means an employer cannot create one for an employee.  If another individual than the one the profile belongs to has access to the Course Participants profile, we will consider it as misuse and either request the Course Participant to reset their password or close the Course Participant profile without warning. 

Problems when registering

Some Android users have experienced difficulties registering in WINDA. This issue is due to the vast number of different Android versions. If you are using an Android device, please make sure that your device is updated to the most recent software version.   If your device is fully updated and you are still not able to register, please register using a different device running another operating system such as Windows, Mac OS or iOS. The email with the activation link is sent out immediately after registration. Some spam filters sort the activation email out and some email clients have a clutter folder which the email can also end up in. Please check your spam folder or clutter folder.

I haven't received my registration email with the activation link?

The email with the activation link is sent out immediately after registration. Some spam filters sort the activation email out and some email clients have a clutter folder which the email can also end up in. Please check your spam folder or clutter folder

Why can't I see my training records in WINDA?

Your training provider is responsible for uploading your training record to WINDA. Please note that Training Providers have a period of 10 work days after the completion of a training to upload records into WINDA. If you experience problems and your records are not uploaded, you must contact your training provider directly. If your training was conducted prior to October 17, 2016, the training will not be added to WINDA. You will therefore still need to keep the certificate that was issued by your Training Provider. When you attend a refresher training, a record of that training will be added to your profile in WINDA. 


My company operates more than one site for GWO training. Do I have to make an account for each site?

Yes! WINDA operates with a high level of traceability and all training providers with more than one site are required to register an account for each certified training site. The training provider must upload training records to the WINDA account of the training site where the training was conducted.   

WINDA now allows administrators to use a single sign-on for multiple sites

  • Administrators of several WINDA profiles can write an email to info@globalwindsafety.org and request their sites to be grouped. This will allow the administrator to log on once and then switch between grouped sites without having to log in and out.
  • Grouped sites still have separate credits and uploads.


I have made a mistake in my uploaded training records. What do I do?

If you are a training provider and you have made a mistake uploading a record, you can request a revoke of records directly in WINDA. This is done by the administrator of the account granting the user the rights to do so. To grant a user rights to request a revoke, the administrator must log into WINDA and follow these steps:

  • Under “Users”, click on the name of the user, scroll to the bottom and tick the box “Can ask to request certificate revokes”. You can now request a revoke of an incorrect upload directly in WINDA instead of sending an email.
  • To request a revoke, click on the upload that contains the error record. You can choose to either revoke the entire upload or a single record in the upload. You must provide a reason for revoking the upload in the text box.
  • Your request will be reviewed by the GWO secretariat and either accepted or rejected.


How can I purchase credits?

If you would like to purchase credits on WINDA you can either purchase them yourself by using a company credit card, or have us send you an invoice. If you use a credit card you are able to purchase as many WINDA credits as you like. If you require an invoice, please note that we have a minimum order of 500 credits. Please note that we have discounts on some bundles, for example, if you decide to purchase 500 credits you will receive a 4% discount. 

Please send an email to info@globalwindsafety.org if you would like to purchase through invoice. Once confirmed, the agreed amount of credits will immediately be placed on your WINDA profile, and you will receive an invoice by mail. 


Can I move credits around to different Training Provider accounts?

No, credits are automatically added to the purchasing account.