WINDA is the Global Wind Industry Training Records Database designed with the primary purpose of verifying the certification status of GWO Certified Training Providers and the training status of Course Participants who have attended GWO certified training courses. 

Trained individuals will be required to register as Delegate users. Uploading records of training into WINDA is a requirement in the updated Criteria for Training Providers.

Dr Jill Lees, Director of HSE and Sustainability at E.ON Climate & Renewables explains the benefits of WINDA as a GWO member: "Across Europe there’s been a huge increase in focus on data security. WINDA, because the technician owns his or her information, is great for employers because they don’t control or process the data. WINDA collects a minimum of personal information about the technician and the certification belongs to them so they can prove to their line manager they are up to date. The manager can then easily track their certification using the WINDA ID which is a very efficient method.”  

A database for the user

WINDA has been designed with a focus on simplicity and practicality.

WINDA operates with three user profiles and the core functionality for each user profile is: 

  1. Training Providers must upload records of Delegates and can use WINDA to complement existing site management systems. Read more about how you can use WINDA as a GWO certified Training Provider.
  2. Employers can use WINDA to look up and verify the training status of Course Participants. Read more about how you can perform look-up and verify the status of trained individuals.
  3. Delegates can access personal verified information on the status and validity of training courses completed, e.g. to demonstrate their training status to current and future employers. Read more about your options to demonstrate your competencies

Benefits of WINDA

WINDA provides assurance and confidence in the status and validity of approved Training Providers and the training status of individuals (Course Participants). 

The main benefits of WINDA include:

  • Virtually eliminate the risk of fraud from non-certified Training Providers
  • Increase trust in competence records and validity of Training Provider’s certification status
  • Enhancing and complementing existing company and site safety management systems
  • Reduced compliance costs by avoiding repeated employee/contractor verification checks